The Life Lessons That Come With Being A Dentist

It doesn’t matter what you end up doing, there is a lesson to be learned. In fact, at our dentist office, we’ve experienced quite a few lessons that go much deeper than just a cavity. And as part of the Florida dental community, we are proud to say we’ve grown as people thanks to those who trust in our skills. What have we learned exactly? Why are we so happy to see more people every day?

1. Caring Should Be A Fundamental Principle

Some of the best writers and poets in the world, such as Leo Buscaglia, agree that there simply isn’t enough caring. And for something so simple and basic to have such a profound effect on someone’s life, it’s a shame we don’t care more often.

As professionals in the dentistry business, we’ve come to learn that the best rewards start with the basics of caring. And not only do we take this approach with our patients, but we also use it when interacting with people outside of work. Thanks to the infectious energy that caring creates, it has become a fundamental part of our practice.

But if you need scientific proof that caring is good for everyone involved, an associate professor of preventative medicine found that there are many physical benefits. According to Stephanie Brown (Stony Brook Univerity), you can bring down your stress levels, increase your health and boost your immune system, just by caring.

2. In Order To Get Through To The Happy Times, You Need To Pass The Tough Times First

Fyodor Dostoevsky said it best when he wrote about people and their obsession with focusing on the negative. Instead of counting up the joys of our life, we prefer to search for the problems. It’s the human condition.

Now, it’s happened on so many occasions when kids come in, feeling stressed and tense due to their pain. And the last thing they want is to see a dentist. But after they have a seat and let us take care of the problem, they walk out with the happiest little faces.

So yes, life doesn’t always take you on the road where you feel you need to be. But it usually works out for the better because we don’t see the complete picture. Life is exciting because we get to put all the puzzle pieces together, and sometimes, we’ll spend years looking for a single piece. And once we find it there is no experience that can compare.

3. Follow Your Passion

We regard ourselves as a family-oriented dental practice. In other words, nothing makes us happier than coming to the office and putting a smile on every person’s face. It’s our passion to make sure they have the confidence to go through life with a healthy and life-changing smile.

And we recommend it to everyone. If you want to live a rewarding life, then take some time to indulge your passion. You deserve it just as much as the next person. And if you come into our office you’ll see living proof of how following your passion can give you all the happiness you need.

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